Wolf Von Dem Bussche

artist artwork
"Wolf von dem Bussche began his career as a painter, devoting a period of nearly ten years to both the formal study of art history at Columbia University and the practice of painting. Despite early positive response to his paintings, one of which was included in an exhibition curated by the director of the Guggenheim Museum, von dem Bussche never felt completely at ease with painting as a medium or completely satisfied with his efforts. After considerable introspection and with the support of his long-time friend Andre Kertesz, he made the transition to photography, a transition which was attended by the destruction of all of his existent canvases.

The eye of the painter is evident in von dem Bussche’s photographs and he continues to address thematic issues which originally interested him as a painter and to confront formal issues that have characterized painting of the 20th Century.

Von dem Bussche is perhaps best know for is compelling images of the World Trade Center Towers in New York City which he photographed extensively rendering them in an array of moods ranging from starkly assertive to ominous and brooding. His interpretations of these now iconic structures range from the romantic pictorialist visions of Alfred Stieglitz and Edward Steichen to the striking formalist presentations of Mondrian or a any of the 20th Century precisionist painters.

Reference Credit: Meyer Fine Art