Osvaldo Salas

artist artwork
Accomplished Cuban born photographer Osvaldo Salas was born in 1914. Salas moved to New York with his parents at age 14 and eventually became a publicity photographer. On assignment, Salas met Fidel Castro in 1955 while the Communist leader was fundraising in New York City. After the revolution in 1959, Osvaldo and his son, photographer Roberto Salas, moved to Cuba and began serving as photographers for the Cuban government newspaper, Revolucion.

In 1998, many of their photos were published in a collection entitled Fidelís Cuba: A Revolution in Pictures. Several of the photos in the book had never been seen before in the United States. Osvaldo also won recognition for his portraits of sports legends like Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio. In 1983, Osvaldo was declared an International Master of Photography by the International Press Association. He passed away in 1992.