Linda Masotti

artist artwork
Linda is from a small rural area in Northeastern California. Vast skies and open spaces have influenced her concept of space and time and our place within its boundaries. She now lives in San Francisco. Linda obtained a BFA from Sacramento State University and Printing Technology and Graphic Design programs at CCSF, San Francisco. She is a member of the California Society of Printmakers.

She has exhibited widely in the Bay Area entering exhibitions in various mediums: printmaking, painting and mixed media.

To begin with an idea and then see “where it takes you” allows for spontaneity and chance effects to play a role in the final resolution.

A chance event…a random choice. A splash of color glimpsed from a moving train…a visual image momentarily flashes in the minds eye upon awakening. A phrase that circles inside your head. What does it mean?

What is real and what is imaginary? The marks that appear on the canvas, the plate, the block of wood; evidence of things that were not there earlier. A visual image of that which did not previously exist.

A “shelter” project a few years ago has led to a series of on-goingsculptural houses constructed of wood: ranging from a Monopoly hotel to a boathouse, the small structures give a different sense of space and scale to the relative position of ourselves within the universe.

Whether through construction and assemblage, or through the printed medium, the vehicles of encaustic, found objects and collage all give voice to the choices we make: fragments of images are re-shaped, altered or replaced by a later choice.