Featured Artwork
Two Poets at Berlin Wall by Lawrence Ferlinghetti
New - 2019
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Lawrence  - Two Poets at Berlin Wall
Selections From Our Current Inventory
Ongoing - 2019
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Thomas Hart  - A Drink of Water Thomas Hart  - Loading Corn Thomas Hart  - Haystack
Thomas Hart  - The Hymn Singer Thomas Hart  - White Calf Helen  - Fruit Bowls
Helen  - WK Helen  - Plain Vermicelli Helen  - Windowsill
Lawrence  - Elegy For The Iraqi People Lawrence  - van Gogh #2 Lawrence  - Study for Pornocrates #2
Ruth  - Time Passes Ruth  - The Chorus Lynn  - Bowie / Hepburn; from the Hero Sandwich Series
Ken  - Cat Michael  - In the Fall, Gilboa Michael  - Na'ama and Window
Michael  - The Ocean (Diptych) Michael  - Two Tractors in Gal On Diana  - At the Window
Jack  - Girl in Pink Hat Jack  - Opening Night, Woman with a Fan Roy  - Wallpaper with Blue Floor Interior
Arthur K.  - Lawrence Ferlinghetti, 1959 Richard  - PROVIDENCE, Oakland Richard  - Sunset at Lake Merritt
Ben  - Praise Him with Psaltery and Harp Ben  - Wendell Wilkie Campaign